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Adult Sunday Schools

St. James offers six unique adult Sunday school classes, each attempting to enhance the spiritual growth among its members using slightly different approaches.
Each class meets from 10:00 - 10:45 AM every Sunday.

The classes and their meeting locations are as follows:
Core (Christians On the Road to Excellence)  - Meets on the second level in Pastor Justin's office. This young adult group explores central topics of Christianity. Through videos and discussion of Bible passages, we seek to discover new insights about the Bible and our Faith practices. (Leader, Pastor Justin Snider)
LIGHT COFFEE (Lessons in God's Holy Teachings/Christ Offers Forgiveness Freely to Everyone Everywhere). Meets in the second level in Room 311. This class studies Bible passages via videos and discussions and explores topics to help us grow in self-awareness and in God's grace as we learn to live and love like Jesus. (Leader, Ann Wagle)
Keystone meets in the ladies' parlor, which is located up the stairs and at the end of the short hallway, directly opposite the chapel. Keystone is a place where dialogue and discussion are the main focus.  A class member once called it a welcome and respectful place to think out loud. Class members who wish to, sign up and present topics for discussion.  We move as quickly or as slowly as the discussion dictates.  No one is “required” to sign up, but all are welcome to do so. Our resources include newspapers, magazines, books of all kinds, and personal experience.  Topics have included the war, other religious/spiritual traditions, end-of-life issues, St. Paul, strategies of the impoverished or oppressed that are different from our own, women of the Bible, heaven/hell, the universe, conflict within the church and many more. (Prepared by J. Graham)

Open Door class meets in the Kum Duble room on the lower level and can be found by taking the staircase east of the Community Room. We have an important time of fellowship, sharing and caring, which we call JOYS & CONCERNS, followed by study time of Bible-related books and videos. The age range is generally from 35 to 75 years but ALL ARE WELCOME, HENCE OUR NAME.  Many in our class consider this time together to be as important for us as the sanctuary worship hour.

The Journey class meets in the church library which is located at the first door to your right, at the top of the stairs directly opposite the chapel. The Journey class  examines current issues within the church and personal beliefs.  A video is watched and discussion follows.   Each member is encouraged to express their thoughts on the subject.  This is an informally structured class.  Laughter is frequent; minds are open; hearts are warm.

3M class meets in the Community Room. The 3M Sunday school class adheres to a formally structured, Bible-based weekly discussion covering passages in both the Old and New Testament.
Members of the group discuss the week's assigned lesson in a warm, friendly environment that promotes spiritual growth through the enrichment of one's understanding of the Bible and it's messages.